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Public Safety Recorder


Create simultaneous monitoring and recording conversations from multiple telephone lines. Choose what to hear now and instantly play or replay what to hear next, all from a LAN or WAN connected PC. Control every function in an easy-to-use Windows environment.

Encore Defender specifically designed for public service organizations. Delivers fast response, is reliable and cost effective. Fully redundant archictecture. Ideal for police, fire, emergency service and any other public or private security use.

  • Multi Channel live monitor
  • Multi channel silence reconstruction with universal time sync
  • Quick, easy access to calls
  • Motorola, M/A Com and Ericsson trunked radio demultiplexing with off the air control channel capture
  • E-mail features for selected or all recordings
  • Open architecture, ANI, ALI-compliant
  • Fully redundant systems and components
  • Multiple archive hardware support allows selected channels to be routed to specified media or devices
  • Royalty-free playback licenses and unlimited supervisory stations

Encore has been successfully deployed on virtually all major PBXs, ACDs and predictive dialers, and with all flavors of back office MIS infrastructure.

Tell us about your application. Using the Encore base system and add-on modules, we can design a powerful recording system to meet all of your requirements. 

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