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Queue Wait Time Announcer

Let your callers know you value their time!

CC Announcer is an ACD enhancement product that announces wait times to callers holding in queue for an agent. By giving your customers the information about their wait time, they can make the decision to hold or call back at a later time.

The wait time announcement is based upon real-time statistics gathered from the ACD software that utilizes a proprietary operations research-based algorithm.


  • Satisfied Customers
  • Increased Agent Morale
  • Less Abandoned Calls
  • Caller's Perception of Your Call Center is Improved
  • Reduced 800# Charges
  • Less Time Spent By Agent Defending Wait Time

The wait time announcements are pre-recorded and stored in voice files on the CC Announcer. While each application is custom-designed, the announcements usually reflect 30-second increments in wait times. The standard for each CC Announcer channel allows for 200 announcements up to 180 seconds in length. These announcements may be recorded by the manufacturer, the user, or through a voice talent agency at an additional charge.

The wait time announcements are specific to only one queue. A separate channel is required for each queue/group that will play the wait time announcement. A default announcement can be configured for peak times or special events.

Don't make your customers wonder how long they will be holding, tell them. They will appreciate it and so will your agents.

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