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Workforce Management Overview
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Call Center Designer

Call Center Designer™ is the best Erlang-C based staffing, prediction, modeling, and analysis tool for your inbound call center. Call Center Designer was created to solve the unique problems of staffing and managing the small or medium sized inbound call center. Over one thousand call centers world-wide have used Call Center Designer to optimize and analyze their staffing needs.


You enter your call center volumes, costs, and service level goals, either manually or by pasting in the data from ACD reports and spreadsheets -- Call Center Designer tells you how well your call center is doing, and how well it can do by week, day, hour, and minute.

Day Planner For each hour, half hour or quarter hour determine the ideal number of agents and lines to handle the peaks and valleys of your call traffic for each day of the work week.
Staffing Determines the optimum number of agents you need for the best service and maximum profit for a specific time period of the day, such as the busiest or least busy hour. Obtain valuable performance predictions for different staffing levels.
Determines the optimum number of inbound lines based on busy levels.

You can then view Call Center Designer's performance statistics or print them. You may also save all your entries and the calculated statistics to a file that can be recalled later. All calculations and graphs may be formatted for inclusion in spreadsheet and textual reports.