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Workforce Management Overview
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AgentTime Scheduler

AgentTime Scheduler is the affordable agent scheduling solution designed specifically for small and medium sized call centers. AgentTime creates agent employee schedules from a database of agents, shift definitions, agent availabilities, agent preferences and agent priorities. Designer™ and SimACD™ staffing software.

AgentTime includes Call Center Designer and SimACD staffing software. These two modules used to calculate optimal agent levels for each time period for each workday within a week.

Call Center Designer tells managers how many staffed agents and inbound lines they need for each time period in the workday as well as predicting important performance statistics using well established Erlang formulas.

SimACD allows managers to try out different numbers of agents and inbound lines in a computer simulated automatic call distributor before actually implementing them in the call center.

An intuitive user interface allows the call center manager to create optimum weekly schedules, and to easily modify them based on day to day changes in operations. A key goal in the design of AgentTime has been to make sure the user is not locked into blindly accepting any given schedule created by the system. Modification of shifts, breaks, lunches and other activities can be made on demand to immediately see the effects on required versus scheduled agents for all time periods of the workday.

Included with the software is the Agent Schedule Publishing Tool for printing schedules. These schedules can be e-mailed to agents or posted on an internal website for agents to view. The software requires no special training or complex installation and maintenance costs.

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